Deanne Ryder

Owner of Forever Fit San Diego, Group Instructor and Personal Trainer

Great health starts, not in the gym or in the kitchen, but in the mind.

I feel so blessed to get to do what I love for a living and to get to work with so many amazing people who inspire me every day. My philosophy is simple, I believe  it is my responsibility to build complete self efficacy into every person I work with. I enjoy transferring as much of my knowledge to my clients as possible so they can make the Forever Fit Lifestyle a permanent way of life.

Jill Baird - Yoga Instructor, Group Trainer

I am an avid runner, yogi, and overall health and fitness junkie! Sweat and a smile are the two best accessories that anyone can wear. There is nothing quite like teaching a class and looking out at a sea of smiling, sweaty faces. Living a healthy lifestyle is a package that includes both physical exercise and exercising smart choices in the kitchen. Physical exercise is good for strengthening the body, the mind, and the soul, and, when combined with clean, healthy eating, the sky is the limit. I am RYT certified to teach vinyasa flow yoga and sculpt yoga.


Janelle Nelson – Group Instructor

I came to Forever Fit as a bootcamper in 2010. I loved all of the challenges and contests that Deanne would include in each 10 week session. It was just what I  needed to stay motivated and engaged.  I won one of her Holiday Challenges and it got her attention!  The rest is history. Deanne convinced me to join the Forever Fit staff and we have been collaborating on great sessions ever since.

My Personal Philosophy: Whatever you do, do the very best you can!

Laura Gawle
Laura Gawle – Nutritionist

Food philosophy….”Let food be thy medicine…”  Hippocrates

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