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Forever Fit Current Bootcamp Schedule

Transformation Circuits

This high intensity class involves various strength and cardio stations, set-up in a large circle. A small team of people work at a station for a designated period of time with little rest between stations. Each round takes approximately 15 minutes. During our Open Flow Class, you can come anytime you like and do as many rounds as you want during the 2 hour window. 

Metabolic Bootcamp

This high intensity interval training class takes us back to traditional bootcamp, combining drills, partner work, speed, agility, strength and core development. Campers describe this class as very "cardio" but there is plenty of strength mixed in. We use a variety of different equipment to keep the experience fun, like ropes, kettlebells, dumbbells, ladders, bosu's, ViPRs, running stairs etc.

Torch Bootcamp

Torch Bootcamp includes 2 strength stations with a cardio station for a great full body workout. This class is taught by Bootcamp and yoga instructor Jill Baird who utilizes her yoga expertise to combine strength moves with increased range of motion and flexibility. Each class ends with a AMRAP challenge (as many rounds as possible).

Battling Ropes

Nothing burns calories like our ropes classes. This high energy class combines variety rope moves with other traditional strength and cardio exercises. At the end of this class, our yoga instructor, Jill Baird will lead those who want to stay in a 15 minute stretch and flow routine designed specifically for the bootcamper in mind. Adding yoga at the end of our 2 most intense classes helps keep everyone healthy and strong. 

Variety Beach Bootcamp

Held on our beautiful North Coastal beaches. A combination of cardio and strength, with a high calorie burn. Did you know that you work approximately 30% harder when you workout in the sand? That means you work more muscle fibers and burn more calories. You can even do this workout barefoot to strengthen the muscles in your feet if you want. 

ViPR Workout

ViPR bridges the gap between movement and strength training. It combines full-body movement with load, enhancing the vitality, performance and reconditioning goals of clients and athletes.Agility and strength come from moving the body in a multitude of purposeful tasks with load, just like back on the farm.

Tabata Bootcamp

Tabata protocol is a training method that was originally used by the Japanese Olympic speed skating team, and named for the scientist-Izumi Tabata-who studied its amazing effect on a group of male college students. The study showed that 4 minutes of all out effort (think 10 out of 10) had better results than an hour of moderate exercise. We use the Tabata methodology to create a workout that leaves your metabolism revved for hours after the workout is done.   

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